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Our concept uniquely gives freedom to every customer to personalize his/her meal as they please. There are no rules here at Market Creations! Go ahead and get Orange Chicken with a side of Mashed Potatoes just because you can!



Every location offers a hot food bar and a salad bar at $/lb. Grab a plate or a to-go container and fill it up with as much food as your heart desires. You can create your favorite custom salad by choosing from a variety of our fresh and high-quality ingredients, and/or you can just load up on turkey and gravy. Feel free to mix and match items from the hot food and salad bar! 



Five of our locations offer Sushi at $/lb. Choose from our freshly made nigiri pieces and your favorite rolls! Keep in mind, you will need to get a separate plate for your sushi items. 


Lastly, all of our locations offer different themed stations, ranging from Mexican, Italian, to Korean. You can choose from a list of fixed-price menu items and we will prepare it for you on the spot! ​



Since 2005, Market Creations has been committed to providing a wide variety of fresh, high-quality foods at an exceptional value. We strive to create an atmosphere that stimulates the customer through sight, sound, and of course, taste. Think of it as a space where dining is a luxury without the surcharge!


We are passionate about creating an enjoyable dining experience in the workplace. The purpose of dining should not be merely to satisfy a basic necessity but to also escape from the daily stresses and anxieties that are present in today’s work environment.


Bryan Choi, founder and President of Market Creations and Market Thyme, began his journey in 1988 in Washington D.C. He opened his first two locations, Market Basket & To Market To Market. In 2005, he expanded his vision to Chicago and has since opened a total of 9 restaurants. Bryan Choi is passionate about spreading his vision and is currently working to expand to the West Coast by 2020. 

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